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My Grandmother, Berneice Smith, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 1992. This Show, Surrogates- Memories of my Grandmother are three pieces based on my memories of going to her house as a child, while my grandmother was still of sound mind.
These objects act as surrogates standing in place of my memories of going to my grandmothers house as a child. When translated into glass these objects become cloudy and vague, like my memories. Once cast in glass, these objects seem to dematerialize, they lose their ability to function and lose qualities like color and detail.

My Grandmothers Piano Bench, was inspired by my grandmothers love of playing the piano. As a child I was not interested in the music she was playing, I was always interested in the gift she would leave for me hidden in the piano bench. When I would get to her house the first thing I would do would be to check the bench for a piece of candy or, if I was lucky a 5 dollar bill. My grandmother would never forgot to leave me my treat. I think it brightened her day more then it did mine to see my excitement as I would find the gift.

In the collection of Edward Smith

My Grandmothers Piano Bench
My Grandmothers Piano Bench
35" X 22" X 16"